Gift Ideas

Greater love has no man than this,
that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13
“Will you help me give life to my Son?”
“Of course,” Mary replied. “It will be my honor.”
“You will give life to all of your children forever?” asked the Son of His Father.
“Of course” was the reply. “That was my plan and hope from the beginning.
“You will give my son your kidney?” asked Nelson of Keith.
“Of course” Keith replied. “It will be my honor.”
86 years ago, an adorable man named Nelson came into this world.
64 years ago he welcomed his son, “Chip” along for the rest of his journey.
24 years ago Chip became friends with Keith.
On Tuesday, Keith gave Chip one of his kidneys.
It was a nice thing to do.
To us, it was a precious miracle orchestrated by gifted physicians.
To God, it was the plan and hope from the beginning.
Just because Keith replied “of course:”
Thousands of people, who had never met any of us in this story,
prayed for a wonderful transition,
47 people who had never met before this day,
held each other and cried at the selfless act of one man to offer another –
Keith was granted time-off from his work, gifts, grace and favor beyond comprehension.
Those that could help ease the transition of a purifying organ from one body to another
did everything within their power.
Just because one man was willing to open his body to save another.
One act of honor brings one hundred acts of kindness.
What will be your honor to give this Christmas?
Your one gift will inspire one hundred more.
And that was the plan and the hope from the beginning.