You Can Lead

Hannah holding Fred. “Doobers.” She’s 14 in this photo, 16 now. Unbelieveably good, too. A miracle.

Maybe she was switched at birth. At least that was my dear friend, Terry’s, suggestion.

At four, she believed the world was her friend. This terrified me.

Even then, she did not judge, hit back, or retaliate very much when other four year olds threw tantrums and hit first. She laughed, played, danced, forgave, forgot and moved on.

She was a little, living example of grace.

She has remained strong and able  – to laugh, play, dance, forgive, and forget.

It seems her heart is forever able rise above tantrums and selfishness and dance instead.

I hope she always dances with me, and forgives and forgets – but mostly, if we do get to dance – she should lead.