Wanna Have Lunch?

Food for the comfort of the mother’s soul.

Just a little follow up to my previous post.

Broke down and called the-daughter-who-has-now-had-five-days-of-college-life. “Are you coming home for the weekend?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Wanna have lunch then? I’ll come there?”


And off we drove – the parents, the little sister, the grandma. It’s only an hour and a half away to us, it’s a world away for her.

She LOVES everything about this new world. She is literally and figuratively having the time of her life.

But, again, how not to worry? Because if I don’t worry, if I just let her go without a thought about her safety or her intellectual curiosity or her determination or her, well this list just goes on and on and on, if i don’t think of every bad thing that could come her way, then I am a bad mother. If I worry about everything – then nothing bad will find her. I know this from experience – everything I worry about, never happens.

That’s all. Lunch and grocery shopping with Olaf (he didn’t follow her home). We discovered she has already become quite popular, she is wearing the pretty, pretty shoes out – a lot. She swears she is staying strong. I believe her.

I remain vigilant on the home front armed with nothing but the innate ability to worry her into a safe existence. That whole “let go and let God” thing is merely a suggestion. 
I’m workin on it.

Yes, Grandma, I’ll get a flu shot


Shopping with Olaf and she is wearing the pretty shoes.
They’ve been having a blast.