This is me.

I’m Karen Burns. To my shock I live in a suburb and I like it. I moved to Chandler, Arizona 18 years ago, kinda by mistake. But I stayed anyway.

Love and Shenanigans

This is my family. 

The husband is Keith,

A Very Patient Man.

The laughing girls/women are the daughters in college; Hannah, The Oldest and Talia, The Youngest. They were 21 and 20 when I captured this moment last year. We didn’t plan them to be born so close to each other. Oops. It’s been a great though.

We also have Chewiethedog, and what appears to be a cat, Surely. Her full name is Don’t Call Me Shirley. She’s not a great cat-type-thing. Chewiethedog is one of the best things that has ever happened to our family. And Surelythecat is…beautiful. She’d be ideal if she were nice, and not a threat to other living things. Like lizards. And birds. I love her deeply anyway.

These are my jobs: teaching dance, acting, piano and voice at local studios and Central Arizona College. This is the local Chandler Studio: http://sanmarcosmusicacademy.com/  Here are a couple of other studios: in Mesa, http://www.rhythmandmotiondance.com/ And in Scottsdale, http://www.dancefusionaz.com/

Plus this stuff:

Acting, writing. I’m an ordained minister. The minister thing is AWESOME! I can only marry ’em, bury ’em and baptize ’em, but I could do this everyday if someone would let me. http://hereontheculdesac.com/weddings

I live in a suburb with a few hundred thousand neighbors. I’ve (mostly) learned how to get along and make a small difference here. Hopefully, through this little blog you’ll find a way to do the same with the people you pass by on your part of the planet. And then, the world will be a little nicer, maybe eventually everywhere.


lazy carnivorous beast


She believes she can fly.

You can email me if you want! karen@burnsitup.com