BoxLunch and Happy Compassion

We have a BoxLunch store at our local mall, Chandler Fashion Square.

This store is a combination of business sense, whimsy and compassion.

I’d never noticed it because I’m usually flying by unfamiliar stores at light speed on my way to Sephora. But, this past Saturday I was glancing around frantically hoping for a last little birthday present for youngest daughter’s 21st birthday. Still moving faster than is safe because I never allow enough time to complete anything, and desperately searching every store window for a glimmer of an idea, I thankfully saw what might be the perfect gift for her from her dog….A Christopher Robin Cook Book sat off to the side in the window with a sign near it that said: 


After blissfully glancing through the recipes and wisdom inside, I purchased the book and in the process donated 2 meals to United Food Bank in Mesa.

Our family loves everything Pooh related…I even knew I would marry my husband on our first date when we discovered we both loved, and felt that deep down we were,Tigger. Winnie the Pooh and his woodland friends covered the walls of our daughters nurseries and remain our most beloved connections among our family. My daughter loves to cook and the book ended up being a great gift. She loved it.

To find a store that would sell the most perfect birthday present and make a difference, not only in our community, but in every store location was a total score. Goodness exists in the most surprising of places.

Have you been in a BoxLunch store yet?

BoxLunch is partnered with Feeding America and has donated 20 million meals through their 100 locations here in the states. So cool. I am inspired to give more just because I see what is possible by combining fun and generosity. I hope you will also be inspired to do the same. Their motto is: Get Some. Give Back. I’m good with that!

If ever you need a pick me up in Chandler, stop in, your entire day will suddenly perk right up just by looking in the window. Harry Potter, BB-8, Rick and Morty, Stranger Things and Monsters, Inc. will all smile back at you. Allow yourself a moment of fun. There is energy and endorphins and silly delight waiting just inside. Then take your mood out into the world and see where you can spread this new found sense of being.

Our local store is at the top of escalators on the left as you head to the food court. If you do go in, please leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it! Click here to find a store in your ‘hood.

Christopher Robin and Donate a Meal caught my eye and brought a smile to my daughter and 2 meals to a hungry human being. Goodness is right where we choose to stop and look.

“There is knowledge, there is wisdom, the difference is compassion.” The Tao of Pooh

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