Kind Bean

We believe the world needs a little more kindness and a little less chaos. It’s our promise to you that you’ll find that at Kind Bean every time you join us.” Jen and Clay, the owners of The Kind Bean  Coffee with a purpose

Have you been to The Kind Bean in Chandler yet? (They have more than one bean…) This family owned business is on the NE Corner of McQueen and Pecos Roads.

Dave and Colleen Specht, of the family owned ImprovMania in Downtown Chandler, brought me and my husband to their favorite coffee place on this past, very toasty, June 1st day. We had very icey coffee and Vegan pastries that literally melted in our mouths, but melted in that good way, from sheer delishishness, not from the desert heat. (Delishishness doesn’t appear to be a word, but I like it, so it it is, as of now, a word. Might even be my favorite word replacing the previous favorite word of kerfuffle.)

Excuse my wordy departure just above…back to kind beans and kind people and food that is kind to animals and the planet. This is a little piece of idealism and heaven right here in our hood. There are Vegan and Non-Vegan treats so if you have a Vegan friend, yet you are not, here’s a place to make both of you happy!

When you’re driving through this intersection in any direction, glance over to the NE corner and decide to stop in. Tell Jen, Clay, or their daughter that Here On The Cul-de-Sac sent you in for a kind word combined with a good jolt to your day through caffeine, yumminess and the feeling of being welcome. That feeling of being welcomed isn’t everywhere, so I like to notice it when it exists.

What Kindness is Menu
This hangs on the wall to enjoy while you order. I’m taking it like a menu, “I’ll have some selflessness please!”

It’s time for a little tectonic shift in how we embrace strangers into our midst. This precious place is doing more than their share – they are spreading goodness with every cup.

Please take a minute to check them out and let your encounter there frame the rest of your day with energy, openness, and a little sugar high that could make every interaction at least entertaining, if not life-changing.

Here is the story of how their business came to be. It’s a good story.

Side note: I’ve been gone from interacting with the world via blogging for almost 5 months due to many kerfuffle’s that leveled me and my family both physically and emotionally. By taking this step today to write about people doing their best to change the world, it says to me that I’m on the mend…Phew!

Thank you for reading.

Inside Kind Bean ordering good things
Local celebrities, Colleen and Dave Specht, owners of ImprovMania and my husband, Keith, an ImprovManiac ordering delishishness.


It’s a Wonderful, Dented Life

I bought my husband a bell for our 25th wedding anniversary last month. Thinking we could keep it up all year long and ring it whenever we needed to be reminded that we live a wonderful life, despite how it might seem sometimes.

The first bell I bought didn’t ring. It was a Polar Express bell that only rings if you believe in Santa Claus. Hallmark just doesn’t get grown up children.

The second bell I bought on Amazon seemed perfect. Until it arrived. It’s a bell that announces It’s a Wonderful Life, has an angel wing and rings! I couldn’t believe such an awesome thing existed. But, it wasn’t perfect. It’s super cheap and was dented during its travels. more “It’s a Wonderful, Dented Life”

Tell Me Something Good

This poster hangs outside of one of my classrooms. It inspires me daily.

What can you tell me about your good stuff?

This blog is a place for good. But, good often comes out of struggles, pain, evil, lack, and on and on. Disaster gives us a chance to rise up and be better human beings and doings to make a difference.

So many heroes rose from the ashes of the terror attacks on September 11. In every hurricane, tornado, storm surge and firestorm comes hundreds of volunteers giving their energy and sharing their resources selflessly. In my hometown of Santa Rosa, California, I’ve witnessed kindness in the form of millions of dollars of donations, back-breaking labor, and open arms bringing in newly homeless victims while this town tries to recover from last October’s devastating firestorm that leveled most of its buildings and homes. more “Tell Me Something Good”

How to be Beautiful, Part 1

Beauty Tip #1:

Lovely, right?

Our beauty, or lack of, is always, merely the reflection of where we are directing our gaze. 

For example:

Beaming with pride for someone else.  I am photographed often in this particular state. I’m a wife, mother, teacher, general “lover of all things sweet and beautiful and good” and I look better when I observe anyone doing even remotely well, and  smiling with every cell. It is a selfless moment, it is a reflection of where I am directing my attention. Beaming with pride looks like this on me and my very patient man: 

In Haiti when we learned how to take a selfie!

more “How to be Beautiful, Part 1”

This is My Chandler

Our Chandler mascot, at The Ostrich Festival!

“I am sick of having to look over my shoulder all the time. I want to live in a safer, gentler, happier world. What creature wouldn’t?” James Bowen from one of his fabulous books about his cat, Bob, and his recovery from heroin addiction.

My husband just informed me we have lived in Chandler, AZ for 20 years. This was shocking news to me. That’s just not what I thought. I thought we moved here ‘a couple years ago.’ But, um, no. I must learn the freeway system now.

We’ve lived here long enough to have an opinion. It’s been the right place to raise children and live a good life. But, I’m kind of a big city girl, I’ve lived in Manhattan, L.A., Brussels, Belgium, Japan, and have been fortunate enough to travel the world. But, I’ve lived in this suburb in Chandler longer than I could have ever imagined. And moving here was a good decision. more “This is My Chandler”