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This poster hangs outside of one of my classrooms. It inspires me daily.

What can you tell me about your good stuff?

This blog is a place for good. But, good often comes out of struggles, pain, evil, lack, and on and on. Disaster gives us a chance to rise up and be better human beings and doings to make a difference.

So many heroes rose from the ashes of the terror attacks on September 11. In every hurricane, tornado, storm surge and firestorm comes hundreds of volunteers giving their energy and sharing their resources selflessly. In my hometown of Santa Rosa, California, I’ve witnessed kindness in the form of millions of dollars of donations, back-breaking labor, and open arms bringing in newly homeless victims while this town tries to recover from last October’s devastating firestorm that leveled most of its buildings and homes. Even my friends from Chandler, AZ brought winter coats, scarves, gloves, clothes and money for me to bring up to this community last December. Plus one of my former students from over 20 years ago donated $100 to help a student dancer I heard about when volunteering at Vanguard Properties in Sebastopol, CA. She just understood what it feels like to have dance ripped out from under you when you lose everything. Complete selflessness for people they would never meet.

I am blown away by the magnitude of kindness our species is capable of exuding. Aren’t you?

More often though, are small, tender moments of mercy and generosity that we might miss if we aren’t looking. Little things that happen almost everyday…someone holds the door for you, another car lets you pull in front in the long line waiting to merge. I learned in driver’s training back in high school that one good turn deserves another.

What have you noticed on your daily walk through life? Please share them here, there, anywhere! Because you might inspire a good turn that keeps building and building and building.

Here are a couple of my experiences lately!

This is Josh at Einstein Bagels on the corner of Shea and Tatum Blvd’s in Scottsdale. He made my day just by wearing the Caribou Coffee antlers asked of him. A smiling, happy man offering up a mocha latte and a toasted Everything Bagel with cream cheese yesterday. I entered his store, frustrated, running behind due to the Maps App and hungry. One smile and laugh from an antlered man and it was a 180 degree attitude shift for me. He said he hears that often. Thank you Josh.

Have you met Michael at the Apple Store at Chandler Fashion Square? If you need a genius, he’s your guy. He was patient, funny, and gave me new, working!, iPhone X when my first one stopped recognizing my touch. The touch screen on the X’s has been a factory problem, it wasn’t the frantic tapping on my part…I swear.

Have goodness to share? Please let us all know what good has come across your radar! Your voice can reach across continents, and change a little corner of the world.

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