The Break is Over

Modem and router were incompatible today. So no internet access. Having Qwest forcibly removed from Arizona, if not the planet. It was Qwest’s idea in the first place to have a separate router, which today their “friendly” service rep told me was the problem…

Phone battery was dead – could not find the charger. Just found it. Underneath Talia’s bed. Why I didn’t think to look there…?

I could not communicate with the outside world.

Girls go back to school tomorrow after 2.5 weeks. More than a little guilty about the thoughts I’m having- I really don’t like year round school. I love my girls, but I want them in school, not: on the couch in front of “How I Met Your Mother” ignoring me and dust bunnies and stacks of wrinkled clothes, texting all known human life also on a 2.5 week fall break. Eating tortilla chips. With cheese.

Arizona has Qwest and 2.5 week breaks in fall, winter, spring and a 6 week summer break. Summer lasts for 6 months here…this is incongruous…or ironic…or a cosmic prank.

I love the outside world. Please God, don’t take it away from me again.

Tomorrow, around midnight when I’m done: taking the girls to and from school, caring for a friends blind, deaf dog which requires 25 miles of driving; delivering meals for Meals on Wheels, working 8 hours (5 of which I’m paid for), saying hello appropriately (!) to my husband who has been in Catalina for a week with 60 eighth graders – I’m going to sit on the couch, watch Modern Family and eat tortilla chips. With Cheese. And ignore every complaint listed above.

If anyone deserves a 2.5 week break – it’s my husband.

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