Why I’m Doing This

“Hi” never started a war.

Tommy Cannon drew our neighborhood! 

I believe we were all born for a reason. For some, finding that reason never happens. It’s been a long time since I was born and in my years on this planet I believe I have found what I was meant to do about 32 times, but for today, it’s this:

to offer a kind moment in-between strangers, or any living thing, whenever humanly possible.

This isn’t always practical, but it is my hope/goal/perhaps deluded effort in trying to help the world realize this is also the reason anyone was born. So, I’m just going to start in my own hood, Chandler, AZ.

Mostly, I would rather just mold into a couch and watch other people tell well told stories on my 8 streaming devices. This is actually what I do best, but no one has ever paid me for this skill. After much procrastination, I am reticent embarking on a quest to change the world one small kind act at a time. Which I can’t do while watching Friends. 

Maybe changing the whole world isn’t possible, but if we start in our own little corners, our own neighborhoods, where we live can become at least tolerable, if not peaceful, and trickle out across continental divides. It’s a ripple effect kind of thing: one kindness/one smile has the power to connect two people, and change interactions for the rest of their day, it might even stop a violent act, if only for a second. Maybe that second will be enough.

I am devastated by gunmen killing rampantly, political hatred dividing friends and family and co-workers, and rude people spreading rude interactions.


It’s time to notice kindness. To be kindness. To inspire good.

I know there are people looking to reach out beyond a computer screen…looking for a way to make a difference every day. There are parents trying to raise citizens of this earth who will take care of each other.  Parents are pretty much the most important things ever. Because parenting is largely what we do here on the cul-de-sac, I will be talking about parenting in this blog. I’m a parent. I have parents. Both sides of parenting can be like trying to fit an Octopus into a Onesie. Understandably, that frustration can trickle out to the world too. 

Hopefully, I can offer specific ways to change our lives, for good.

Just for today, say “Hi” or “Hey” or “S’up” to a stranger.

Start where you are.


Have an idea about kindness? Please talk to me, share your philosophy about connection between humans and other living things. You can make a difference just from your computer to mine. I swear.

Thank you kindly.


Header Cul-de-Sac rendering by the always hilarious and awesome Tommy Cannon